Cover Fabric Materials
Version for Cinema 4D
Point Cache Reader
Free · Version 0.10
Drop Tag
Free · Version 0.20
Disable Materials
Free · Version 1.20
Cover Fabric Material Kit for Cinema 4D

Welcome to FXG Apps

FXG Apps is a new endeavour for us at Effects Garden. It is the first step in a hopefully successful journey. Over the past years whe have created many little tools to help us and our friends with specific problems in production. Most of them just scratch an itch and are not really useful outside of that project. In others we see the potential to be helpful beyond the scope of our own productions.

Making a custom production tool into a product takes quite some work. It needs to be tested beyond the narrow application it was developed for. It needs documentation and it needs support. That's what we want to do with some of our tools.

This is where we need your help! We are gradually putting our stuff out here in the hope you find them useful. Some tools will probably never evolve from their current state. Other tools might be really useful for many of you.

We would like to get your feedback so we can improve those tools. We want to make them products - with better documentation and support.

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